Tesla Roadster 3.0 package announced

Although production ended in 2012, Tesla is still offering updates for its electric-powered Roadster. The latest retrofit development suite, which takes the two-seater up to 3.0 specification, has the sole aim of improving the car’s range.

To help achieve that objective the original 53 kWh lithium-ion battery pack is replaced. Its successor uses a new cell technology that now allows around 70 kWh of electricity to be stored, crucially without any increase in physical dimensions.

Tesla Roadster (2011) Front Side

Tesla’s engineers have also focussed on reducing rolling resistance. Consequently, the 3.0 upgrade features a tweaked residual braking system as well as revised tyres and wheel bearings.

The final area to receive attention is the aerodynamics. Thanks to a kit of parts for the Roadster’s body, the drag coefficient usefully drops from 0.36 to 0.31.

So what’s the effect of those modifications? Well, Tesla anticipates a real-world driving distance of over 400 miles (644 kilometres) between charges. That figure represents a significant improvement of around 50%.

A price for the Roadster 3.0 package has yet to be revealed, but the plan is to start fulfilling customer orders in spring 2015.

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