Suzuki’s 2015 Tokyo Motor Show concept cars

Some concept cars offer a preview of future production models, but others are more fun creations that exist to show off a design team's talents. Definite candidates for the second category are the slightly oddball Suzuki Air Triser and Mighty Deck.

Air Triser is a compact minivan with a box-like profile and a striking two-tone geometric colour scheme. Its interior, which is accessed via sliding doors, is all about flexible configurations.

Suzuki Air Triser Concept (2015) SideSuzuki Air Triser Concept (2015) Interior

For travelling, six people can be accommodated across three rows of seats. However, once parked, there's a choice of lounge or relaxation modes. The former sees the seats rearranged into a U-shape sofa, while the latter has them facing each other.

Reflecting a common marketing obsession, the Mighty Deck is intended to appeal to people who have 'lifestyles'. And apparently that demographic needs a tiny car with most of its back end hacked off.

Suzuki Mighty Deck Concept (2015) Rear Side 1Suzuki Mighty Deck Concept (2015) Rear Side 2

In place of a conventional (and probably just as practical) hatchback, Suzuki has come up with a small open cargo space that features a flip-up cover. Also fitted are a retractable rear window and a canvas sunroof, so the cabin should get plenty of fresh air when required.

The Air Triser and Mighty Deck are due to make their public debuts at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month.

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