Mahindra KUV100 first view

Naming a car 'cool' (and then deliberately misspelling the word as 'kool') is a presumptuous move, simply because target customers might decide it's actually the opposite of cool. Bravely, Mahindra has done exactly that with the new KUV100.

Pronounced 'K-U-V one-double-oh', those first three initials do indeed stand for 'kool utility vehicle'. Such a designation verges on cringe-worthy, but the KUV100 is nevertheless an important addition to Mahindra's range.

Mahindra KUV100 (2016) Front Side

To start with, it'll allow the brand to compete in a growing compact SUV segment. Furthermore, the KUV100 is the first model to receive the just-announced mFALCON G80 and D75 1.2 litre engines. The former is an 80 bhp (60 kW / 82 PS) petrol unit with variable valve timing, while the latter is a 76 bhp (56 kW / 77 PS) turbo diesel.

According to Mahindra, the KUV100 is aimed at younger first-time car buyers in India. Whether or not they're going to view the awkward styling details and rather odd proportions as 'cool' remains to be seen.

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