Lotus fans have voted for their favourite livery

Gulf Oil racing colours have never really been associated with Lotus, but that hasn't prevented the pale blue and orange scheme from winning a recent online poll that canvassed the marque's followers. In fact, it attracted almost a quarter of all votes cast, comfortably beating the second-placed JPS-inspired black and gold design.

Lotus Evora 400 Exclusive Edition (2016) Poll Results

As well as being a bit of fun, the ballot has decided what the latest Evora 400 special edition will look like. Complementing the paint job are black forged alloy wheels and red brake calipers, while black leather upholstery with orange stitching features inside.

Lotus Evora 400 Exclusive Edition (2016) Front Side

Lotus Evora 400 Exclusive Edition (2016) Rear Side

However, just ten examples are going to be produced under the auspices of the Lotus Exclusive bespoke programme.

Mechanically, everything remains unchanged. So, like a standard Evora 400, power is provided by a supercharged 3.5 litre V6 engine which develops 400 bhp (298 kW / 406 PS) with 410 Nm (302 lb/ft) of peak torque.

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