Hyundai H350 Fuel Cell Concept unveiled

One of the most intriguing vans at this year’s IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover is Hyundai’s H350 Fuel Cell Concept.

Four under-floor tanks together store 175 litres (38 gallons) of compressed hydrogen at a pressure of 700 bar. They feed into a fuel cell stack, which converts the gas into electricity and stores it in a 24 kW lithium-polymer battery pack.

That energy then flows via an inverter to a 134 bhp (100 kW / 136 PS) electric motor. Speeds of up to 93 mph (150 km/h) are said to be possible, so a lack of performance shouldn’t be an issue.

Hyundai H350 Bus Fuel Cell Concept (2016) Front Side X-Ray

Zero tailpipe emissions (apart from water) and an absence of engine noise mean that a hydrogen-powered H350 would be ideal for multi-drop operations, especially in urban areas.

What’s more, refuelling takes just four minutes (provided that a hydrogen filling station can be found, of course) and claimed range is 262 miles (422 kilometres).

Hyundai has yet to confirm a production version, though.

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