Nissan has devised a range-extender powertrain

Given Nissan's focus on the pure-electric Leaf (and the relative sales success of that model), launching a new range-extender powertrain almost seems like a backward step.

Officially known as a 'series hybrid', the e-Power system forms part of the Nissan Intelligent Mobility strategy. At its core is a small-capacity petrol engine, which is used solely to charge a battery pack via a generator. The other key component is an electric motor that drives the wheels.

Nissan Note e-Power (2017) Top 1

Nissan Note e-Power (2017) Top 2

Undoubtedly one particular advantage of e-Power versus the Leaf is a complete absence of range anxiety. As long as a filling station can be found to keep the engine running, then the electricity supply won't be depleted.

The Note e-Power will be the first Nissan range-extender. Availability, final specifications and pricing have yet to be announced, though.

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