2016 MG3 announced

Arguably, MG's 3 supermini deserves greater sales success. It's handsomely styled, there are plenty of personalisation options and prices are very attractive.

Perhaps a few updates for 2016 will be enough to convince more car buyers to consider the MG? The changes focus on the sole 1.5 litre petrol engine, which now features a stop-start system and achieves the EU6 emissions standard.

As a result, carbon dioxide pollution falls from 136 g/km to 124 g/km – admittedly not a massive drop, but enough to knock £20 off the annual road tax bill in the UK. MG says fuel economy is better too, but oddly figures haven't been released to back up that claim.

MG 3 (2016 European Spec) Front Side

Apart from some additional colour combinations and a new chrome grille, the only other significant development is the introduction of a 3Style Lux trim grade which features leather upholstery.

MG3 3Time £8,399
MG3 3Form £9,599
MG3 3Form Sport £9,899
MG3 3Style £10,499
MG3 3Style Lux £10,999

Deliveries of the 2016 MG3 are due to begin next week.

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