Buick’s Avista could be significant for Europe

One of the most striking concepts on display at this year's North American International Auto Show is the Buick Avista. Several styling elements on this 2+2 coupé appear to have been inspired by Aston Martin, which is no bad thing.

However, a minor criticism is that some typically Buick details – such as vertical 'waterfall' grille bars and individual VentiPort outlets behind the front wheels – are absent. If the badges were covered up, attributing Avista to a particular brand would be tricky.

Buick Avista Concept (2016) Front Side

While the 400 bhp (298 kW / 405 PS) 3.0 litre twin-turbo V6 engine and eight-speed automatic transmission are based on a current powertrain, the concept's rear-wheel drive platform is unique.

Consequently, the chances of Avista entering production are slim without a few major alterations. Nevertheless its creation does suggest that Buick is giving serious consideration to building a coupé.

Buick Avista Concept (2016) Rear Side

But why is Avista potentially significant for Europe? Well, given that Buick and Vauxhall / Opel already do a lot of model sharing, a showroom version might also become a long-awaited successor to the Calibra.

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