The Toyota Yaris gets a new petrol engine

Given the current trend for small-capacity, three-cylinder, turbocharged engines, Toyota’s decision to stick a 1.5 litre, four-cylinder, normally-aspirated petrol unit in the 2017 Yaris supermini might come as a surprise.

A replacement for the long-serving (and very precisely-named) 1.33 litre motor, it’s a member of the ESTEC (Economy with Superior Thermal Efficiency) engine family.

Toyota Yaris (2017) 1.5 Litre VVT-iE Petrol Engine

Accordingly, special features include a cooled exhaust gas recirculation system, a water-cooled exhaust manifold and a high 13.5:1 compression ratio. What’s more, electronically-controlled variable inlet valve timing allows a switch between the Otto and Atkinson combustion cycles.

The result is 110 bhp (82 kW / 111 PS) plus 136 Nm (100 lb/ft) of peak torque. Acceleration from rest to 62 mph (100 km/h) takes a fairly respectable 11.0 seconds, which is 0.8 seconds quicker than its 1.33 litre predecessor managed.

Oddly, Toyota hasn’t released any efficiency figures, but a 12 percent reduction in fuel consumption is claimed.

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