Circuit-only Ferrari FXX K hybrid unveiled

Ferrari is calling the new FXX K a ‘laboratory car’ that has been created solely for research and development purposes. It won’t be road-legal, and nor will the FXX K be eligible for competition use.

However, as with the superseded Enzo-based FXX, some privileged customers are going to be able to participate in track-based test days. Ferrari has yet to announce a cost for this programme, which is expected to be very tightly controlled.

Ferrari FXX K (2015) Front Side 1

Judging by the FXX K’s specification those drivers should be prepared for an exhilarating experience. Taking the already exclusive LaFerrari as a starting point, it features a modified 6,262 cc V12 engine that develops 848 bhp (632 kW / 860 PS) with 750 Nm (553 lb/ft) of peak torque.

Also fitted is an enhanced kinetic energy recovery system which offers a choice of Fast Charge, Long Run, Manual Boost and Qualify modes. It takes total output up to a remarkable 1,035 bhp (772 kW / 1,050 PS), while combined torque is reckoned to be in excess of 900 Nm (660 lb/ft). Unfortunately Ferrari hasn’t revealed any performance figures, though.

Completing the powertrain are a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, an E-Diff 3 electronic differential, the EF1-Trac electronic traction control system and Racing Side Slip Angle Control. Chassis components include Brembo carbon ceramic brake discs and Pirelli P-Zero slick tyres that incorporate numerous sensors.

Careful attention has been paid to the aerodynamics too. The front end gets a twin-element spoiler, plus a two-section splitter with built-in vertical endplates. Complementing that set-up are an active spoiler, two distinctive fins and a huge diffuser for the rear. As a result, downforce is increased by up to 50%.

The Ferrari FXX K is due to appear in public for the first time next weekend at Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina Circuit.

Ferrari FXX K (2015) Rear SideFerrari FXX K (2015) Interior

Ferrari FXX K (2015) SideFerrari FXX K (2015) Front Side 2

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