Toyota is trialling more efficient hybrid tech

Although its Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car is set to be one of 2015’s most important new car launches, Toyota hasn’t forgotten about the more traditional petrol-electric hybrid.

Indeed, the firm has just embarked on a year-long programme that will test the energy efficiency of silicon carbide semiconductors.

Toyota Camry Hybrid SiC Semiconductor Prototype (2015) Front Side

These components, which are found in the system’s power control unit, govern the flow of energy from the battery pack to the electric motor and vice versa under regenerative braking. They’re crucial, because currently plain silicon semiconductors account for around a fifth of all electrical losses.

The new technology has been fitted to a prototype Camry Hybrid. As if to demonstrate that it could be applied to any vehicle with an electric motor, a similarly-equipped hydrogen fuel cell bus is also taking part in the research.

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