Honda’s 2015 Tokyo Motor Show concept bikes

Honda will be displaying seven motorcycle concepts at the Tokyo Motor Show, which opens to the public on the 30th of October.

Perhaps the most interesting is the Neowing three-wheeler. Full technical details have yet to be released, but its hybrid powertrain comprises electric motors and a horizontally-opposed four-cylinder engine.

Honda Neowing Concept (2015) Front Side

The distinctive front end features a unique linkage mechanism that’s claimed to offer the same cornering ability as a conventional two-wheel machine. Filtering would still be almost impossible, though.

While Honda describes the Light Weight Super Sports Concept as a ‘next-generation’ bike, it does look rather similar to several current showroom models.

Honda Light Weight Super Sports Concept (2015) Front Side

Again, there’s no word yet on engine size or output. However, rumours suggest that this concept offers a preview of an upcoming CBR250RR or CBR300RR.

The EV-Cub Concept was first unveiled at 2009’s Tokyo Motor Show. Now, six years later, the electric step-through scooter is making a return with a few subtle changes. A production version is surely overdue.

Honda EV-Cub Concept (2015) Front Side

Also being exhibited are the Super Cub concept (a petrol-powered update of its long-running namesake), the traditional naked Concept CB and a couple of scramblers based on the Grom 50.

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