Bentley adds the V8 S to its Flying Spur range

With some extra pace, a retuned suspension set-up and numerous cosmetic tweaks, the Flying Spur V8 S should appeal to those customers who like a sporty edge to their luxury motoring.

This new variant, which sits between the two existing V8- and W12-powered models, is recognisable by its unique black grille, 20” wheels and rear diffuser.

Bentley Flying Spur V8 S (2016) Front Side

Beneath the car's skin, changes to the chassis – including recalibrated Continuous Damping Control and Electronic Stability Control systems – mean less body roll and sharper handling. Bentley claims that ride comfort hasn't suffered too much, though.

The familiar 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8 engine has also received attention. As well as better benchmark performance figures, the result is an improved throttle response whatever the revs (especially so when running in 'S' mode).

Bentley Flying Spur V8 S (2016) Rear Side

Fortunately, efficiency seems unaffected. However, that's according to the official measures, which often don't reflect real-world driving.

Here's how the V8 S compares:

Flying Spur V8 V8 S W12
Engine 4.0 litre
twin-turbo V8
4.0 litre
twin-turbo V8
6.0 litre
twin-turbo W12
Power 500 bhp
(373 kW / 507 PS)
521 bhp
(388 kW / 528 PS)
616 bhp
(460 kW / 625 PS)
Torque 660 Nm
(487 lb/ft)
680 Nm
(502 lb/ft)
800 Nm
(590 lb/ft)
0-62 mph
(100 km/h)
5.2 secs 4.9 secs 4.6 secs
Top Speed 183 mph
(295 km/h)
190 mph
(306 km/h)
199 mph
(320 km/h)
Combined cycle 25.9 mpg
(10.9 l/100km)
25.9 mpg
(10.9 l/100km)
19.6 mpg
(14.4 l/100km)
CO2 254 g/km 254 g/km 332 g/km
UK price £143,725 TBC £154,455

Following a debut at next month's Geneva International Motor Show, deliveries of the Flying Spur V8 S are due to begin in the summer.

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