Fiat Talento first view

Model sharing between rival brands is rife in the van industry. The practice undoubtedly slashes development costs, meaning customers can (in theory at least) enjoy better value for money. Less genuine product choice is an inevitable side effect, though.

Fiat has taken that re-badging approach for its Talento. As should be obvious to even a casual commercial vehicle spotter, this new arrival is essentially a Vauxhall Vivaro / Renault Trafic with a bespoke front grille and bumper.

Fiat Talento Panel Van (2017) Front Side

Talento effectively replaces the Scudo, which itself was a virtual clone of the previous generation Citro├źn Dispatch / Peugeot Expert / Toyota Proace.

The planned range holds no surprises. As per the Vivaro / Trafic, Fiat is going to offer panel van, crew cab, people carrier and chassis cab variants. UK specifications and prices are due to be confirmed closer to the Talento's launch here in May.

Running costs, equipment levels and dealer proximity will all be factors in determining whether operators go for the Vauxhall, Renault or Fiat versions. To further complicate things, Nissan is set to introduce the almost identical NV300 later this year.

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