Fuso announces limited eCanter production

Daimler subsidiary Fuso has confirmed that the latest electric-powered version of its Canter light-duty truck is going to be built in limited numbers.

To go with a change in name from Canter E-Cell to eCanter, this new iteration gains refreshed front-end styling which incorporates LED headlights. The most important updates concern the drivetrain, though.

Fuso eCanter (2017) Front Side

Output from the electric motor is now 248 bhp (185 kW / 251 PS), while available torque becomes 380 Nm (280 lb/ft). A single-speed transmission is fitted as before.

Five liquid-cooled, 100-cell, 420 V, lithium-ion battery packs take care of energy storage. Total capacity is 70 kWh, enough for a claimed range of around 60 miles (100 kilometres).

Understandably, prospective operators are likely to be curious about how the batteries affect carrying capacity, because in total they tip the scales at 560 kg (1,234 lbs). Well, according to Fuso, the eCanter has a gross vehicle weight of 7.49 tonnes (16,512 lbs) and the limit for additional bodywork plus cargo is 4.63 tonnes (10,207 lbs).

Recharge times – another reasonable concern – depend on the method used. Full replenishment from flat takes seven hours via a 6.6 kW AC supply, for example. Alternatively, a 150 kW DC quick-charging station can do the job to 80% in one hour, but a 170 kW source would halve that time.

The Fuso eCanter will be offered in Europe, Japan and the United States. Deliveries are due to begin next year.

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