BMW Motorrad Concept Link scooter unveiled

For some reason, BMW has decided to give the Concept Link scooter a flat plank-like saddle which looks really uncomfortable. Beyond that, though, this design study has some really interesting features.

Intended to be a “vision of zero-emission urban mobility on two wheels”, underfloor battery packs feed a compact rear-mounted electric motor. Unusually, the specification includes a reverse gear for enhanced city-centre manoeuvrability.

BMW Concept Link (2017) Front Side 1BMW Concept Link (2017) Front Side 2

There aren't any conventional instruments facing the rider. Instead, speed, energy remaining and navigation instructions are projected on to the vestigial windscreen.

A touchscreen below the handlebars displays secondary information. Such a source of distraction probably isn't ideal, plus it could be difficult to use when wearing thick winter motorcycling gloves. Fortunately, configurable buttons are provided to operate frequently-used functions.

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