Chevrolet Colorado concept

Chevrolet has unveiled a concept version of its next generation Colorado pickup truck, a vehicle that should provide some stiff competition to the forthcoming Ford Ranger.

Chevrolet Colorado Concept (2011) Front Side 1

The public’s first chance to see it will be at this month’s Bangkok International Auto Show, a fitting location given that Thailand is the largest global territory for mid-size pickups, as well as being one of the countries where the Colorado is built.

Under the bonnet of the show truck sits a 2.8 litre turbo diesel engine. A broad torque band is promised from it, but specific output, performance or economy figures haven’t been disclosed yet.

Chevrolet Colorado Concept (2011) Front Side 2Chevrolet Colorado Concept (2011) Interior 1
Chevrolet Colorado Concept (2011) Interior 2Chevrolet Colorado Concept (2011) Rear Side

Chevrolet claims that the interior will provide a premium environment. Whether certain features such as the ice-blue lighting make it to production remains to be seen, while others such as the leather trim and 7” LCD display screen will probably be consigned to the Colorado’s options list. The instrument panel has been designed to create a dual-cockpit feel, but the assertion that the instruments are motorcycle-inspired is probably stretching the hyperbole a bit too far.

Chevrolet Colorado Concept (2011) Interior 3
Chevrolet Colorado Concept (2011) Side 1
Chevrolet Colorado Concept (2011) Side 2

Sales of the new Colorado are set to begin in Thailand before the end of the year. There’s no word from Chevrolet on whether it’ll make it to Europe, but expect launches in Australia and New Zealand under the Holden brand to replace the existing model sold in those markets.

Images © GM Corp.

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