Top 10: Unusual Christmas gifts for car fans

Just about every car company indulges in merchandising. Generally it involves offering a range of scale models, as well as sticking a logo on innocuous items such as t-shirts, pens and caps.

Sometimes, though, products that have absolutely nothing to do with either motoring or the marque in question end up getting approved by the folks in marketing.

So, with Christmas rapidly approaching, here are ten of the oddest manufacturer-branded gift ideas, conveniently arranged in ascending price order.

1. Morgan clotted cream shortbread - £3.90
Morgan Clotted Cream Shortbread The perfect stocking-filler for devotees of traditional British sports cars and baked goods.
2. Citroën tea cups and saucers - £23.00
Citroën Tea Cups And Saucers For those who want their home to resemble the reception area of a Citroën dealership, this crockery is the ideal starter accessory.
3. Audi spice grinder - £33.00
Audi Spice Grinder Audi-driving foodies probably form quite a large demographic. Its numerous members are going to love this ceramic grinder that features a soft-touch red finish.
4. Mercedes-Benz barbeque set - £45.00
Mercedes-Benz Barbeque Set Forget the tongs, apron, tea towel and storage bag, the highlight of this set is a steak brand. And who doesn’t want the three-pointed star seared onto their meat?
5. Jaguar Excellence men’s fragrance - £55.00
Jaguar Excellence Fragrance There can’t be many men who wouldn’t like to smell of excellence. The scent is described as ‘crisp and woody’, which sounds lovely.
6. Ford sledge - £101.11
Ford Sledge Made by Rolly Snow, this two-person sledge is constructed from plastic with steel runners. Ford is really overestimating the value of having its badge plonked on the front though, as plain versions can be bought elsewhere online for half the price.
7. Volkswagen Up! giant beanbag - £145.00
Volkswagen Up! Beanbag The cover for this beanbag is made of polyester with a water-resistant PVC coating, plus it can be removed for washing. Ideal for messy Up! owners, then.
8. Lotus wax seal set - £279.00 plus shipping
Lotus Wax Seal Set Clearly aimed at Lotus aficionados who are also Victorians. The brass and wood stamp comes in a leather box, together with a supply of wax and a melting wick.
9. Ferrari Scuderia Spider surf board - £1,275.00 plus shipping
Ferrari Scuderia Spider Surf Board Imagine turning up at the beach in a Ferrari FF with this bad boy strapped to the roof. People will definitely look (but not necessarily in a good way). Production is being limited to just 499 examples, so be quick.
10. Bentley backgammon set - £2,950.00
Bentley Backgammon Set With its rather hefty price tag, this could well qualify for joint Christmas and birthday present status… over several years. Handmade by Geoffrey Parker Games with a leather-bound case, it’s available in either red or black.

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