Toyota is 2014’s most valuable auto brand

Interbrand has published the Best 100 Brands list for 2014. Created using a bespoke valuation methodology, it features fourteen automotive marques.

Given numerous recent vehicle recalls and a somewhat staid image, Toyota’s eighth place in the study might be a surprise. Nevertheless, Interbrand cited several reasons for that ranking, including the firm’s crisis management approach. Its product strategy was also a factor, with the work being done on hydrogen fuel cells and a collaboration with BMW earning particular merit.

Toyota Fuel Cell Sedan (2015) Front Side
Innovative products like the Fuel Cell Sedan helped
Toyota become 2014’s most valuable automotive brand.

The automotive brand seeing the highest value increase compared to 2013 is Audi. This reflects continued strong global sales, novel marketing activities and a consistent set of values. Land Rover meanwhile appears in the top 100 for the first time, thanks to an improved range and better customer satisfaction ratings.

Interbrand Best Automotive Brands 2014
Brand Value
(US$ Million)
8 Toyota 42,392 +20%
10 Mercedes-Benz 34,338 +8%
11 BMW 34,214 +7%
20 Honda 21,673 +17%
31 Volkswagen 13,716 +23%
39 Ford 10,876 +18%
40 Hyundai 10,409 +16%
45 Audi 9,831 +27%
56 Nissan 7,623 +23%
60 Porsche 7,171 +11%
74 Kia 5,396 +15%
82 Chevrolet 5,036 +10%
87 Harley-Davidson 4,772 +13%
91 Land Rover 4,473 New entry

Overall, Apple tops the Interbrand chart with a worth of US$118,863 million, ahead of runner-up Google.

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