BMW i technology ends up on an HNF e-bike

Electric bicycle manufacturer HNF is using an innovative drive unit swing arm on its latest model, the Heisenberg XF1. The component, which was originally developed and patented by BMW's 'i' division, brings some significant benefits.

For example, integrating the swing arm, Bosch electric motor and lightweight Gates carbon fibre drive belt means full rear suspension can be fitted. Furthermore, there's no need for a belt tensioner because the motor's spindle position relative to the rear wheel is always constant.

HNF Heisenberg XF1 (2015) Side

At the system's core is a complex four-bar mechanism that links a frame-mounted Rock Shox damper to the other elements. This solution allows up to 150 mm (5.9”) of suspension travel, plus the swing arm won't stiffen under hard acceleration. Consequently, HNF says grip and traction can be maintained regardless of the terrain.

In Germany the HNF Heisenberg XF1 costs from €8,345. That's around £5,900 at current exchange rates.

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