Handling Speciale option for the California T

Ferrari has introduced an optional Handling Speciale package for the California T. Intended to provide a more dynamic driving experience, its major feature is a revised suspension set-up.

This comprises recalibrated settings for the adjustable dampers, as well as modified springs which are stiffer by 16% at the front and 19% at the rear. The claimed result is enhanced agility and responsiveness. However, Ferrari does admit that the car's ride quality suffers slightly (as would be expected).

Ferrari California T With Handling Speciale Package (2016) Front Side

Customers who go down the Handling Speciale route will also experience quicker gear changes in Sport mode, plus better acceleration out of bends thanks to an altered F1-Trac traction control system.

Although the 552 bhp (412 kW / 560 PS) 3,855 cc V8 engine is unchanged, a new exhaust is included. This delivers a more sonorous sound that gets louder as the revs increase.

Ferrari California T With Handling Speciale Package (2016) Rear Side

Completing the Handling Speciale specification is a unique matte grey finish for the front grille and rear diffuser. Furthermore, there's a special plaque inside.

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