Interbrand’s most valuable auto brands of 2015

Fifteen automotive marques are included in the latest annual Best 100 Global Brands survey.

Compiled by Interbrand, it measures value according to financial analysis, how a brand influences purchasing decisions and brand strength taking into account ten different factors.

Toyota is still the leading automotive brand. In fact, with a 16% rise in value, the Japanese name rose from 8th to 6th place in the overall rankings. That wasn't the largest increase, though. Nissan recorded a 19% hike, elevating it up to 49th position.

Toyota GT86 Blanco (2015) Front
Interbrand says Toyota is the world's
most valuable automotive brand.

Even before the recent diesel emissions scandal would have had any effect, Volkswagen suffered a decrease in value and a four-place drop. It'll be intriguing to see how 2016's study reflects the longer-term impact of the current crisis.

Interbrand Best Automotive Brands 2015
Overall ranking Brand Value
(US$ million)
6 Toyota 49,048 +16%
11 BMW 37,212 +9%
12 Mercedes-Benz 36,711 +7%
19 Honda 22,975 +6%
35 Volkswagen 12,545 -9%
38 Ford 11,578 +6%
39 Hyundai 11,293 +8%
44 Audi 10,328 +5%
49 Nissan 9,082 +19%
56 Porsche 8,055 +12%
74 Kia 5,666 +5%
79 Harley-Davidson 5,460 +14%
85 Chevrolet 5,133 +2%
87 Land Rover 5,109 +14%
98 Mini 4,243 New entry

As per last year, technology companies Apple (US$170,276 million) and Google (US$120,314 million) occupy the top two positions in the overall Interbrand league table.

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